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Set Price Sale 78s

Here is my latest Set Price Sale list of unsold 78s from my last auction - bargains galore!  Also, as an ‘extra’ I have listed a further selection of clean Classic Jazz, Blues and Hot Dance 78s from my general stock - a great opportunity to grab some fine music at bargain prices.

Items are sold strictly on a 'First Come First Served' basis – early birds will definitely get the worm, so don't delay – EMAIL, text or phone (01773 550275/ mobile 07811 358711) NOW to reserve your items!  The list will be regularly updated here to show what is still available.

The item numbers of the first part of the listing correspond with the lot numbers found on my previous Auction page – please note that no other items from the last auction list, other than the numbers listed below, are available.

The minimum value of records that I will ship is £10, so order as many as you can!  Orders for less than £10 total will be held until a more economical parcel can be made up, but only if paid for.

Postage (without tracking or insurance) for 10" 78s is charged as follows:-

1 Record -   £4.95 UK / £8.50 Europe / £12 Rest Of World

2 Records - £4.95 UK / £10.50 Europe /  £14 R.O.W.

3 Records - £4.95 UK / £11 Europe / £18 R.O.W.

4 Records - £4.95 UK / £13 Europe / £20 R.O.W.

5 Records - £4.95 UK / £13 Europe / £23.50 R.O.W.

6 Records - £4.95 UK/ £15 Europe / £23.50 R.O.W.

Please ask for a quote for over 6 records, or if you require insurance and/or tracking. UK parcels are shipped by Royal Mail at standard 2nd Class Uninsured, untracked rate at buyer’s risk unless insured. Shipping prices for books will depend on total weight of package.

NB: £1 = APPROX $1.25



Remember - these are the only items available - all the others from the last Auction list have been sold!

007  IDA COX.  Last Mile Bl/I Can’t Quit That Man. OK 6405  E- £8

008 JEAN ELDRIDGE w/ SKEETS TOLBERT GENTS OF SWING. What Is The Matter Now?/ SKEETS TOLBERT O. That Messy Boogie. Dec 8631 EE- £7

013 BILLIE HAYES. Blackout Blues/ U Ain’t Had No Blues. Beacon 5002 E- £7

026 LIZZIE MILES. Electrician Blues. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Vic mx 59123-2 E+ £35

029 JOE  MORRIS’ BLUES CAVALCADE w/ BILLY MITCHELL (s1). Bald Headed Woman/Ghost Train. Atlantic 974 EE+ £8

045 AMBROSE & HIS ORCH.Wood and Ivory. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx TB2349-1 N- £15

048 AIME BARRELLI & HIS ORCH. Aime Jump/Embrasse-Moi. Pathe PD47 E+ £10

049 CONNIE BOSWELL w/ AMBROSE & HIS O. Things Might Have Been So Different. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Br mx 7318 N- Fine and Unissued in USA!  £18

056 BILL COLEMAN-DON BYAS QUINTET. Idaho/ DON BYAS BIG 4. All The Things You Are. Jazz Selection 10.002 EE- lt scfs plays E  £10

058 EMBASSY RHYTHM EIGHT. Hitchy Koo/ He’s A Rag Picker. DeE F5435 EE+ Fine 1935 sides, Goldberg, Polo etc!  £12

081 ARTHUR LALLY & HIS ORCH. Just A Crazy Song. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx GB3162-2 E+ Fine 1931 side - Max Goldberg t, Lally clt solos.  £15

083 WILLIE LEWIS & HIS ENTERTAINERS (Adelaide Hall v s1). Say You’re Mine/ Alone. (Fr) Pathe PA915 looks V+, plays much better. Rare Paris 1936 sides with Bill Coleman, Big Boy Goudie etc!  £18

088 JOE PARADISE & HIS MUSIC. West End Blues/ Body & Soul. PaE F427 E+ £10

105 LIL ARMSTRONG & HER DIXIELANDERS. Riffin’ The Blues/Why Is A Good Man So Hard To Find. Dec 7803 EE- £10

110 BARNEY BIGARD & HIS JAZZOPATERS. Solace/Four and One Half Street. Vty VA564 E- £9

117 BLANCHE CALLOWAY & HER JOY BOYS. Just A Crazy Song/ Sugar Blues. Vic 22661 E lt swish at starts £40

123  DUKE ELLINGTON ORCH. Move Over/ n.i. Romeo 829 V++ £15

124           Merry Go Round/ Admiration. Br 7440 E- £8

125           The Gal From Joe’s/ I Let A Song Go Out of My Heart. Br 8108 E £9

126 LEONARD FEATHER ALL STAR JAM BD. Men of Harlem/ Ocean Motion. DeE F7753 E New York 1939, Hackett, Pete Brown etc! £7

134 BOBBY HACKETT & HIS ORCH. Blue and Disillusioned/ Poor Butterfly. Voc 4499 E+ £8

136 W.C. HANDY & HIS ORCH. Way Down South Where The Blues Begin/ Loveless Love. Var 8162 V+ £8

138 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. 31st Street Blues/ Old Black Joe’s Blues. PAct 036042 V+ £15

139           (as DIXIE STOMPERS). Nervous Charlie Stomp/ Black Horse Stomp. Har 153-H E- scfs £15

140           Hot & Anxious/Coming & Going. Col 35840 EE- £10

141           Singin’ The Blues/I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby. BrE 1176 E+ £12

142           Hotter Than ‘Ell/ Liza. (SB) Dec 555 E £9

152 WINGY MANNONE & HIS ORCH. Summer Holiday/ No Regrets. (Buff) BB B6473 EE- £8

153           It Can Happen To You/Cottage By The Moon. (Buff) BB B6536 EE- £8

162 JELLY ROLL MORTON’S RED HOT PEPPERS. Jungle Blues. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 38630-3 E+ light swish at start £25

171 KING OLIVER & HIS DIXIE SYNCOPATORS. Sobbin’ Blues/Farewell Blues. BrE 3727 E Fine copy of 1928 British pressing! £25

180  TINY PARHAM & HIS MUSICIANS.  Blue Island Blues/ BOOTS & HIS BUDDIES. San Antonio Tamales. (Buff) BB B7005 E+ Masters! £20

181 LOUIS PRIMA & HIS ORCH. The Lady In Red.  1/s Shellac Decca/Brunswick Master Test Pressing of mx B17612-1 E+ Pee Wee Russell clarinet £12

183 DON REDMAN & HIS ORCH. How’m I Doin’ Hey Hey/ Try Getting A Good Night’s Sleep. Br 6273 E- £10

196 EDDIE SOUTH’S ALABAMIANS. La Rosita. 1/s Styrene Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 40997-1 N- Unissued on 78! £25


SP1 LOUIS ARMSTRONG-EARL HINES. Weather Bird/GARLAND WILSON. Rockin Chair. PaE R1194 E- lt scfs £6

SP3 CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS. The Girl Friend/FRED RICH O. The Blue Room. CoE4461 E- £5

SP4 DUKE ELLINGTON O. Merry-Go-Round/Sophisticated Lady. Col CB591 EE- Unissued in USA! £8

SP6 LEONARD FEATHER OLDE ENGLISH SWYNGE BD. Clementine/Jammin The Waltz. Voc V4062 E- £6

SP7 THE GEORGIANS. Home Town Bl/You May Be Fast. Col 23D EE- £7

SP8           Savannah/N.I. CoE 3544 E+ £7

SP9 JEAN GOLDKETTE O. Forgetting You/Olsen. Sonny Boy. HMV B5566 E- £6

SP10 BENNY GOODMAN’S BOYS. Muskrat Scramble/After Awhile. BrE 1264 E £7

SP13 DICK McDONOUGH O. Take My Heart/N.I. Rex 8834 EE+ Press crease, nap

SP15 TOOTS MONDELLO O. Beyond The Moon/Sweet Lorraine. Vars 8110 EE+ £5

SP16 MOUND CITY B.B. Tailspin bl/ ELLINGTON. Creole Luv Call. HMV B6252 E+ £7

SP17 RED NICHOLS 5 PENNIES. Back Beats/Bugle Call Rag. BrE 3510 E- £6

SP18      On Revival Day Pts 1&2. BrE 1087 E+ £7

SP19 RED NORVO O. Smoke Dreams/ Thousand Dreams of U. (Swing) VoE S59 E- £5

SP20 BEN POLLACK O (GREAT GOODMAN). Memphis Blues/Waitin For Katy. Vic 21184 V+ £6

SP22 DON REDMAN O. Chant of The Weed/Shakin The Africann. BrE01244 EE- £7

SP23 ADRIAN ROLLINI RAMBLERS. I’ve Got A Warm Spot…/Why Don’t U Practice… Br 6877 E £8

SP24 LUIS RUSSELL ORCH. Savoy Shout/ DUKE ELLINGTON. Jubilee Stomp. PaE R2523 EE+ £10

SP25       Jersey Lightning/ EDDIE LANG O. Walkin The Dog. PaE R740 EE+ £12 Early pressing

SP26 ARTHUR SCHUTT O. Montana Call/Moon Is Low. V+ £5

SP27 BOYD SENTER SENTERPEDES. No One/ Sweetheart Bl. HMV B4913 E+ £7

SP28 SIX SWINGERS.  Gettin Sentimental../Star Dust. Col FB1852 E+ £5

SP29 WILLIE THE LION SMITH & HIS CUBS. Achin Hearted Bl/Honeymooning On  A Dime. Dec 1503 E/E- £6

SP30 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER O. Manhattan Rag/Baby WYPCH. PaE R1978 EE+ £12

SP31 JOE VENUTI-EDDIE LANG BLUE 5. Jig Saw Puzzle Bl/Raggin The Scale. CoE CB612 EE+ £10 1ST ISSUE

SP32      Hey! Young Fella/Pink Elephants. CoE CB601 EE+ £15 Unissued in USA!

SP36 ANSON WEEKS O (BOB CROSBY VCLS). Sittin On A Log/ Sittin Up Waiting 4U. BrE 01687 E+ Uncommon! £8

SP38 MARY LOU WILLIAMS. Drag Em/ MOUND CITY B.B. What Do I Care What… BrE 02507 E lt scars nap £6

SP39 GARLAND WILSON. Mood Indigo/China Boy. BrE 01612 E Paris Recs. £7