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Bids by Email to: mark@jazzhound.net



You may also download this list as a printable pdf file here

Postage and packing in purpose-built new boxes extra. Winners only notified.

Condition, as ever, guaranteed. Minimum bid unless stated £5/$8. I reserve the right to refuse unrealistic bids.


Basically, there are two ways of bidding; first is the simple Straight Bid - you offer a fixed amount for an item and if yours is the highest bid, you win. Secondly, and easier for those more familiar with online auction sites, and for those collectors unsure of what to offer, is the Maximum Bid. You offer a bid to a maximum amount, which will be increased in 10% increments over the nearest bid up to your maximum amount. For example, you bid to a maximum of $100 on an item, but the next highest bid is $50 - you will pay $55, i.e. 10% over the the next highest bid. In the event of a tie the fixed bidder, or earliest-placed bid wins. Please send bids to mark@jazzhound.net

IMPORTANT! Please make clear the system of bidding you are using and currency you are bidding in (Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars) 

If you have a maximum budget to spend, please advise with your bids.

Please also double check your item numbers when bidding - I do not use titles on my auction spreadsheet, so if you bid on the wrong number and win it, it’s yours!

Payment by all major Credit Cards as well as £ and US$ personal checks and Paypal.

NOTE:  Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists, such as jug bands has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check both the Jazz and Blues sections.

HowlinDixie4 QHCFSissle

SUGGESTED MINIMUM BIDS. I’m often asked "How much should I bid on so-and-so?” Well, the straight answer is bid what it’s worth to you. However it is useful for newer collectors to have an idea of what some of the rarer items may realistically fetch, so I am showing against some such items a Suggested Minimum Bid (SMB) in British Pounds. Feel free to ignore, but these figures are based on 40+ years of selling 78s and in many cases is less than what they may actually achieve, and bids over these amounts are more likely to be successful.

SB=Sunburst (Decca). DJ=Disc Jockey or Sample Copy. TT=Truetone label OKeh


001 GLADYS BENTLEY. Big Gorilla Man/Red Beans & Rice. (Black) OK 8707 E+ A1 Stampers. SMB £50 Amazing performances!

002 RUTH BROWN. R.B. Blues/Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean. Atlantic 986 E

003 LEROY CARR. Good Woman Blues. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Voc mx 16427-1 E+ SMB £30 Scrapper Blackwell, Josh White gtrs.

004 BO CARTER. Blue Runner Blues.  11” 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of OK mx 404939-A looks E- w. pressing stains, plays EE+ SMB £50

005           Backache Blues.  11” 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of OK mx 404929-B. looks E- w. pressing stains, plays EE+ SMB £50

006 IDA COX & HER ALL STAR ORCH. I Ain’t Gonna Let Anybody Break My Heart. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Voc mx 29278-1 E lt scfs. SMB £40 Unissued on 78!

007           Last Mile Bl/I Can’t Quit That Man. OK 6405  E-

008 JEAN ELDRIDGE w/ SKEETS TOLBERT GENTS OF SWING. What Is The Matter Now?/ SKEETS TOLBERT O. That Messy Boogie. Dec 8631 EE-

009 BLIND BOY FULLER. Worn Out Engine Blues. 11” 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Voc mx 26593-A N- SMB £40

010           You Never Can Tell. 1/s Shellac Master Pressing of Dec mx 62356-A E- SMB £40

011 GOLDEN GATE QUARTET. Pray For The Lights To Go Out/ High, Low and Wide. Col 37499 E+

012 COOT GRANT & KID WESLEY WILSON (w/ Fletcher Henderson’s O. s1). Find Me At The Greasy Spoon/ When Your Man Is Going To Put You Down. Para 12337 V+ SMB £50. Louis Armstrong rarity s1!

013 BILLIE HAYES. Blackout Blues/ U Ain’t Had No Blues. Beacon 5002 E-

014 ALMA HENDERSON (Eddie Lang gtr acc.) You Can’t Have It Unless I Give It To You. 1/s polystyrene Master Pressing of OK mx 81405-A N- SMB £40 Unissued on 78!

015 JOHN LEE HOOKER. Too Much Boogie/ Need Somebody. London HL8037 E+ SMB £20

016 THE HOWLIN’ WOLF. Evil Is Goin’ On/ Baby How Long? Chess 1575 EE+ SMB £50

017 JIM JACKSON. I Heard The Voice of a Pork Chop. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Vic mx 41802-1 N- MB £200 Blues Classic - This take Unissued on 78!

018 ELIZABETH JOHNSON (Acc. King Oliver & Clarence Williams!). Empty Bed Blues Part 1. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of OK mx 400828-B N- SMB £40

019           Empty Bed Blues Part 2. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of OK mx 400829-B N- SMB £40

020 LITTLE WALTER & HIS JUKES. Tell Me Mama/Off The Wall. Checker 770 E+ SMB £30 Great Harmonica blues!

021 BROWNIE McGHEE. Picking My Potatoes. 11” 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of OK mx WC3223-A N- SMB £30

022 REV. F.W. McGEE. I Got To Leave Here. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Vic mx 59589-1 E+ Fine tpt!!  SMB £30

023 JAY McSHANN SEXTET & JIMMY WITHERSPOON. Shipyard Bl/ (w. CROWN PRINCE WATERFORD). Crown Prince Boogie. Merc 8014 EE+

024 HAZEL MEYERS & THE CHOO CHOO JAZZERS. You’ll Never Have No Luck By Quitin’ Me/Lonesome for That Man Of Mine. Ajax 17054 E-/V+ SMB £25

025 AMOS MILBURN. Long Long Day/Please Mr. Johnson. Aladdin 3168 E+

026 LIZZIE MILES. Electrician Blues. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Vic mx 59123-2 E+ SMB £40

027           You’re Always Messin’ With My Man/EDNA HICKS. I’m Goin Away To Wear U Off My Mind. Vic 19083 EE+

028 JULIA MOODY & HER DIXIE WOBBLERS. That Chicago Wiggle/ He’ll Do U Wrong. Col 14121-D E Red hot acc! SMB £25

029 JOE  MORRIS’ BLUES CAVALCADE w/ BILLY MITCHELL (s1). Bald Headed Woman/Ghost Train. Atlantic 974 EE+

030 MONETTE MOORE & HER SWING SHOP BOYS. Two Old Maids In a Folding Bed/Rhythm For Sale. (SB) Dec 7161 E-

031 SHREVEPORT HOME WRECKERS. Home Wreckin’ Blues. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Vic mx 59966-2 E+ SMB £75 Great Guitar Blues!

032           Fence Breakin’ Blues. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Vic mx 59965-2 E+ SMB £75 More great Guitar Blues!

033 BESSIE SMITH. Blue Blue. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Col mx 151596-1 E+ Great acc - Louis Metcalf etc! SMB £40

034           The Yellow Dog Bl/ Soft Pedal Bl. Col 14075-D E-

035 SPECKLED RED. St. Louis Stomp. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Vic mx 030846-1 E+ SMB £25

036 EVA TAYLOR. Longing. 11” 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of OK mx 81491-B N- SMB £25

037           I’m Going Back To Bottomland. 11” 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of OK mx 81492-E N- SMB £25

038 EDDIE CLEANHEAD VINSON & HIS O. Queen Bee Bl/Jump and Grunt. Vogue V2023 E+

039 SIPPIE WALLACE w/ ALBERT AMMONS R.K. Bedroom Blues/Buzz Me. Merc 2010 E-

040 ETHEL WATERS. I Found A New Baby. 11” 1/s Heavy Shellac Col Master Pressing of  mx 15142-1 E+ Superb sound, Joe Smith cnt! SMB £$)



041 BILL AIREY-SMITH & HIS ORCH. Hunkadola/A Pair of Dimples & A Picture Hat. DeE F5719 E Rare and hot! SMB £20

042 FLETCHER ALLEN & HIS ORCH. Fletcher’s Stomp/Swingin’ In Paris. Swing SW29 E+ Rare! SMB £20

043 AMBROSE & HIS MAY FAIR ORCH. ‘S Wonderful/ Roll Away Clouds. BrE 199 E- rc s2 nap. Two hot and uncommon 1928 sides!

044          Lovable & Sweet. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx MB551-1A E+ Huge sound, great solos, Ahola, Heath! SMB £20

045          Wood and Ivory. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx TB2349-1 N- SMB £20

046           Hide and Seek. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx TB2267-2 EE+ lt swish at start  

047 THE BALLYHOOLIGANS. Dinah/Sweet Sue. HMV BD5074 E+

048 AIME BARRELLI & HIS ORCH. Aime Jump/mbrasse-Moi. Pathe PD47 E+

049 CONNIE BOSWELL w/ AMBROSE & HIS O. Things Might Have Been So Different. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Br mx 7318 N- Fine and Unissued in USA! SMB £20

050 EDDIE BRUNNER & HIS ORCH. Margie/Bagatelle. Swing SW41 E+ Orig ?Sleeve. FineParis 1938 sides with Bill Coleman, Oscar Aleman, Herman Chittison etc! SMB £25

051 BUCK & BUBBLES. Indiana/Sweet Georgia Brown. CoE FB1602 E+ Orig Sleeve. Rare and red hot London 1935 sides, unissued in USA! SMB £30

052 BUGLE CALL RAGGERS. New Jig Rhythm/Two Trumpet Toot. DeE F5535 EE+ Uncommon!

053 FUD CANDRIX ORCH. Doggin’ Around/ Dixie and Detour. (Ger) Telefunken A10239 E+ Jazz in Nazi-Occupied Belgium. Nice Brussels shop sticker label s1.

054 GUS CLARK DIXIELAND ORCH. Tom Tom Rag/ Park Avenue. Rhythme D2170 E- Fine hot sides in Nazi-Occupied Brussels, 1942!

055 BILL COLEMAN & HERMAN CHITTISON. After You’ve Gone/I’m In The Mood For Luv. (Fr) Disque Gram K7764 E+ Superb copy of rare Paris 1936 sides, unissued in USA or Britain! SMB £50

056 BILL COLEMAN-DON BYAS QUINTET. Idaho/ DON BYAS BIG 4. All The Things You Are. Jazz Selection 10.002 EE- lt scfs plays E

057 FRED ELIZALDE (Piano solo). St. Louis Blues. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx GB4570-3 E, but lt swish from metal damage. Rejected 1932 side - never issued in any format! SMB £50

058 EMBASSY RHYTHM EIGHT. Hitchy Koo/ He’s A Rag Picker. DeE F5435 EE+ Fine 1935 sides, Goldberg, Polo etc!

059 BUDDY FEATHERSTONHAUGH’S COSMOPOLITANS. The Sheik of Araby. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx TB1621-1 E press stains. Great and unlisted racially-mixed jazz from 1933! SMB £20

060 TEDDY FOSTER’S KINGS OF SWING. The Melody Man. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx TB2512-1 E, lt swish. Rejected and Unissued take, grat Freddy Gardner alto sax!! SMB £25

061           The Melody Man. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx TB2512-2  E Issued take, different solos.

A small selection of hot and clean Roy Fox Deccas, lots of Al Bowlly vocals!

062 ROY FOX & HIS BAND. Jig Time/ To Be Worthy of You. DeE F2793 E+ Orig Sleeve. Fine Hot 1932 side 1, both sides Al Bowlly vocals!

063           My Sweet Virginia/ If I Have To Go On. DeE F2866 E lt scfs nap, Orig Sleeve. Hot and Uncommon 1932 s1, Al Bowlly vocals.

064           I Got Rhythm/You’ve Got What Gets Me. DeE F3014 E+ Orig Sleeve. Hot London 1932 s1, Al Bowlly vocals.

065           How’m I Doin’/ Moon. DeE F3198 E+ Orig Sleeve. Fin 1932 s1, Nat Gonella v, Al Bowlly v s2!

066 THE GILT-EDGED FOUR. Tell All The World/  PERCIVAL MACKEY’S BAND. Knock At The Door. CoE 3711 E/EE- sm patch scrs s2 lt tix. pot cr lam s1 inaudible. Uncommon!

067 STEPHANE GRAPPELLY & HIS HOT 4 (Django). I Got Rhythm/ Limehouse Blues. DeE F5780 EE- lt scfs nap

068 STAN GREENING’S BAND (as CORONA D.O.) Everybody Luvs My Baby/H. RESER O. Blue Eyed Sally. ReE G8333 E- hot solos s1, Lally bar,t/cl

069 ALBERT HARRIS & IVOR MAIRANTS (Guitar Duets). Kaleidoscope/ Summer Madness. BrE 02081 E+ London 1935

070 FRANK HERBIN (American pianist in London, 1924). Nickel In The Slot/ Dizzy Fingers. HMV B1770 E- Uncommon!

071 ART HICKMAN’S NEW YORK LONDON 5. When My Baby Smiles At Me/Jicky. HMV B1200 E Fine copy of these important London 1920 US jazz band sides - this is the copy used on the Timeless ‘From Ragtime To Jazz’ CD!

072 JACK HYLTON & HIS ORCH. Alabama Stomp/ Mama’s  Gone Young, Papa’s Gone Old. HMV B5170 E/EE- Orig Sleeve. Uncommon! SMB £20

073           Pardon The Glove/Just The Same. (Fr) Disque Gram K-5313 E- Original Sleeve. Rare issue of 2 hot sides!

074           Glad Feet/A Dicky Bird Told Me So. HMV B5615 E+ 2 Fine hot sides, Jack Jackson tpt, E.O. Pogson bar etc!

075           Tiger Rag/Limehouse Blues. HMV B5789 EE+ Fine hot 1930 sides!

076           Hylton Stomp/ St. Louis Blues. DeE F3239 E London 1931

077           Ellingtonia.  1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx GB6351-2 E, lt swish, 1/4” cr 4 tix in music.

078 FREDDY JOHNSON & HIS HARLEMITES. Harlem Bound/ Sweet Madness. DeE F3810 E+ Red hot Paris 1933 sides with Arthur Briggs, Herb Femming etc! SMB £25

079 KEN SNAKESHIPS JOHNSON & HIS WEST INDIAN O. The Sheik of Araby.1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx DR2938-1 E+ London 1938 SMB £20

080           Snakeships Swing. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx DR2940-1 E+ London 1938 SMB £20

081 ARTHUR LALLY & HIS ORCH. Just A Crazy Song. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx GB3162-2 E+ Fine 1931 side - Max Goldberg t, Lally clt solos. SMB £25

082 BRIAN LAWRANCE & HIS QUAGLINO 4. Nobody’s Sweetheart. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx GB7027-4 E+ hot fiddle!

083 WILLIE LEWIS & HIS ENTERTAINERS (Adelaide Hall v s1). Say You’re Mine/ Alone. (Fr) Pathe PA915 looks V+, plays much better. Rare Paris 1936 sides with Bill Coleman, Big Boy Goudie etc! SMB £20

084 SYDNEY LIPTON & HIS O. Harlem. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx TB2761-1 E+ SMB £20

085 BILLY MASON & HIS ORCH. Don’t Be Angry. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx TB1790-2 E+ Fine hot side - Buddy Featherstonhaugh etc! SMB £20

086           If You Knew Susie. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Dec mx TB1790-2 E+ same session as 085, excellent side! SMB £20

087 ORCHESTRE MUSETTE ‘SWING ROYAL’. Phillipp’s Stomp/ Josette. (Fr) Polydor 524640 E Rare and hot Paris 1940s sides with Phillippe Brun, Andre Ekyan etc! SMB £25

088 JOE PARADISE & HIS MUSIC. West End Blues/ Body & Soul. PaE F427 +

089 QUINTETTE DU HOT CLUB DE FRANCE (Django). Dinah/Lady Be Good. (Gold/Black) Oriole LV100 E lt scrs s2 nap. 1st session, Paris 1934! SMB £40

090           Swing Guitars/ Georgia On My Mind. HMV B8532 E lt scfs nap

091           Flat Foot Floogie/Lambeth Walk. DeE F6776 E lt scfs nap London 1938

092           Stomping At Decca/Night & Day. DeE F6616 E/E- London 1938

093 THE RAMBLERS DANCE ORCH. Vladivostock/ Decca Stomp. DeE F3588 E+ Rare and hot London 1933 sides! SMB £25

094           Jig Walk (yes, the Duke Ellington tune!)/Who’s Sorry Now. DeE F3583 E+ SMB £25

I believe this and 093 were pioneer jazz writer and broadcaster Christopher Stone’s own review copies.

095 ELSIE RANDOLPH (Arthur Young pno). Turning Night Into Day/Elizabeth. CoE DB394 E+. This is an amazing Stride Piano sleeper, London 1930!

096 THE RHYTHM RASCALS. Tiger Rag. 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Crown mx H112-2 E+ Great London 1935 side, Danny Polo, Freddy Gardner etc!

097 NOBLE SISSLE & HIS ORCH. Kansas City Kitty/ I’m Croonin’ A Tune About June. (Laminated) HMV B5731 E+ Stunning black jazz in London 1929, with arguably the hottest jazz violin on record! SMB £60

098 LEW STONE & HIS MONSEIGNEUR BD. Lazy Rhythm/ Lazy Bones. DeE F3644 E+ Orig Sleeve.

099 ‘T’ TOLL’S SWINGTOWN FIVE. Farewell Blues/ Christopher Columbus. PaE R2267 E+ US College Band in London, 1935, rare and hot! SMB £20

100 VALAIDA, QUEEN OF THE TRUMPET. I Want A Lot Of Love. 1/s Shellac Parlophone Master Pressing of mx CE7826-2 E--. Unissued Test Pressing! SMB £50



101 DON ALBERT & HIS ORCH. You Don’t Love Me/The Sheik of Araby. Voc 3411 V++ 2 rc, 0gvs Black Territory Jazz, San Antonio 1936

102 HENRY ALLEN-COLEMAN HAWKINS & THEIR ORCH. Someday Sweetheart. 11” 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Br mx B13183-A E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £40

103           Sister Kate. 11” 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Br mx B13184-A  E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £40

104 HENRY ALLEN & HIS ORCH. Believe It Beloved. 1” 1/s vinyl Master Pressing of Ban mx 16671-3 E+ This take Rejected and Never Reissued! SMB £40

105 LIL ARMSTRONG & HER DIXIELANDERS. Riffin’ The Blues/Why Is A Good Man So Hard To Find. Dec 7803 EE-

106 LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS HOT 5. Ory’s Creole Trombone/ N.I. Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing of OK max 81310-D N- E+ This is the copy that George Avakian had pressed in 1942 and has the pressing plant’s original designation of the title  - ‘Sliding’ in pencil on the label. Unique!! SMB £50

107 LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS ORCH. Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now. 1/Sided Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 405166-B E+ This take Unissued on 78!! SMB £50

108 BAILEY’S LUCKY 7. Down By The River/March of Mannikins. Gnt 5133 EE-

109 BARNEY BIGARD & HIS ORCH. Charlie The Chulo. 1/Sided Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 53621-2 E+ This take Unissued on 78! SMB £40

110           JAZZOPATERS. Solace/Four and One Half Street. Vty VA564 E-

111 CHICAGO FOOTWARMERS (Johnny Dodds). Brush Stomp/Get ‘Em Again Blues. (Big Red) OK 8599 E lt scfs s2 nap SMB £50

112 Withdrawn

113 CONWAY’S BAND. Sweetie Dear/ n.i. Vic 17628 E- nr s1 few lt tix. Early version of Joe Jordan rag.

114 THE COTTON PICKERS. No Parking/ Rampart Street Blues. Br 4325 E

115 WILTON CRAWLEY & HIS ORCH. You Oughta See My Gal/ Futuristic Blues. Vic V38136 E- Jelly Roll Morton rarity! SMB £30

116 DIXIE FOUR. Kentucky Stomp/ Saint Louis Man. Para 12661 E almost invisible int hc s2 inaudible. 1928 Jimmie Blythe rarity! SMB £150

117 BLANCHE CALLOWAY & HER JOY BOYS. Just A Crazy Song/ Sugar Blues. Vic 22661 E lt swish at starts SMB £25

118 EDDIE’S HOT SHOTS. That’s A Serious Thing. 1/Sided Victor Vinyl Master Test Pressing of mx 48346-2 E+ Great sound!! SMB £25

119 CORNELL & HIS ORCHESTRA. Accordeon Joe. 1/Sided Laminated Shellac Parlophone Master Test Pressing of mx 403747-A E- lt scrs Rare Teagarden!

120 JOHNNY DODDS’ BLACK BOTTOM STOMPERS. Wild Man Blues/Melancholy (-28). Keith Prowse K103. EE- ngouge s1 skips 1 gv. Rare take, rare issue!

121 JOHNNY DODDS TRIO. Blue Clarinet Stomp/Blue Piano Stomp. Vic 21564 E+ Superb copy! SMB £60

122 DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS ORCH. Old Man Blues. 1/Sided Victor Vinyl Master Test Pressing of mx 61012-3 E+ This take Unissued on 78! SMB £50

123           (as WASHINGTONIANS). Move Over/ n.i. Romeo 829 V++

124           Merry Go Round/ Admiration. Br 7440 E-

125           The Gal From Joe’s/ I Let A Song Go Out of My Heart. Br 8108 E

126 LEONARD FEATHER ALL STAR JAM BD. Men of Harlem/ Ocean Motion. DeE F7753 E New York 1939, Hackett, Pete Brown etc!

127 ARNOLD FRANK & HIS ORCH. How Could Anything So Good Be Bad?/ RESER O. Happy Go Lucky Lane. PaE E6130 EE+ sol s1, lbl tr s2 Hot Mid-West band!

128 CHARLES FULCHER & HIS ORCH. Black Cat Blues/The Eskimo Song. (Swd) Od 2987 V+ Rare and unlisted issue of 1923 Territory Jazz Band! SMB £20

129           The Georgia Stomp/ Home Sweet Home Blues. Col 316-D E Atlanta, 1925!

130 JAN GARBER & HIS ORCH. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/ n.i. CoE 4935 E+ Fine 1928 side!!

131 LOU GOLD & HIS ORCH. Weary Blues/ CLIQUOT CLUB ESKIMOS. Crying 4 Th Carolines. Ban 0565 E- Fine hot side 1!

132 JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS ORCH. Clementine/ My Pretty Girl. (Laminated) Aust HMV EA3617 E+

133 GOOFUS FIVE. Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie/ I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight? (Red) PaE E5539 E- Fine sides, Rollini etc!

134 BOBBY HACKETT & HIS ORCH. Blue and Disillusioned/ Poor Butterfly. Voc 4499 E+

135 CHARLES W. HAMP. The Wobbly Walk/We Love It. (Purple) PaE R205 E Fine Eddie Lang guitar solo s1!

136 W.C. HANDY & HIS ORCH. Way Down South Where The Blues Begin/ Loveless Love. Var 8162 V+

137 ANNETTE HANSHAW & HER SIZZLIN’ SYNCOPATORS. I Just Roll Along/There Must Be A Silver Lining. Per 12419 E Rare! SMB £25

138 FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCH. 31st Street Blues/ Old Black Joe’s Blues. PAct 036042 V+

139           (as DIXIE STOMPERS). Nervous Charlie Stomp/ Black Horse Stomp. Har 153-H E- scfs

140           Hot & Anxious/Coming & Going. Col 35840 EE-

141           Singin’ The Blues/I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby. BrE 1176 E+

142           Hotter Than ‘Ell/ Liza. (SB) Dec 555 E

143 THE HOME TOWNERS (Meyer Davis O.) Mississippi Mud/ MIDNIGHT BROADCASTERS (M. Davis O). I Ain’t Got Nobody. Duo D4020 E- Great Dorsey Bros, McConville solos both sides, Unissued in USA!

144 JAMES P. JOHNSON (Piano solo). Lonesome Reverie. 11” 1/Sided Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 24761-A E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £50

145 JAMES P. JOHNSON & HIS ORCH. Backwater Blues. 11” 1/Sided Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 24207-2 E- lt swish. Great vocal by Ruby Smith and Unissued on 78! SMB £50

146 JIMMY JOHNSTON’S REBELS. Tonight’s My Night With Baby/Lulu Lou. EBW 4512 EE- Hot Reser small group, great solos both sides!

147 JUNGLE TOWN STOMPERS. African Jungle.  1/Sided Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 401797-C E+ 1928 Harlem jazz classic! SMB £20

148 ART KAHN & HIS ORCHESTRA. Back Home In Illinois/The Co-Ed. Col 468-D EE+ Hot and uncommon 1926 Chicago sides!

149 SAM LANIN ORCH (as Miami Beach Orch). I’ve Got A Song For Sale/ Old Fashioned Luv. Silv 2343 EE- Fine Napoleon/Mole solos s1!

150 BUD LEONARD ORCH (ARC Studio Band). Is I In Luv?/ Why Don’t U Get Lost. MayFair G2171 E  Bunny Bergian/J. Dorsey solos s1!

151 TED LEWIS & HIS BAND. Here You Come With Love/In The Vine Covered Church... (Blue Wax) Col 2799-D E- plays better. One of the rarest and hottest late period Ted Lewis Columbias; this is the copy used on the Retrieval ‘The Rarest Ted Lewis’ CD! SMB £40

152 WINGY MANNONE & HIS ORCH. Summer Holiday/ No Regrets. (Buff) BB B6473 EE-

153           It Can Happen To You/Cottage By The Moon. (Buff) BB B6536 EE-

154 McKINNEY’S COTTON PICKERS. Stop Kidding.  1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 46099-1 E+ Unissued on 78! Title in the was is ‘Neck Bones’ SMB £50

155           Save It Pretty Mama/I Found A New Baby. (Arg) Vic V38061 E+ SMB £35

156           Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Do You Believe In Luv At Sight? Vic 22811 E+ SMB £30

157           I’d Love It/ Peggy. BB B10706 E+ This is the copy used on Robert Parker’s ‘Jazz Classics in Stereo’ CD and Radio show!

158 MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND. The Growl. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 80279-1 E+ SMB £25

159           Harlem After Midnight. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 78096-1  E+ SMB £25

160           Love’s Serenade. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 78095-1 E+ SMB £25

161 MISSISSIPPI MAULERS. My Angeline/Don’t Mess With Me. E few l scfs nap. Fine 1928 sides with grat Dudley Fosdick mellophone solo s1! SMB £25

162 JELLY ROLL MORTON’S RED HOT PEPPERS. Jungle Blues. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 38630-3 E+ light swish at start

163           Red Hot Pepper/Deep Creek. Vic V-38055 EE- HMV Import stickers, tr to s1

164 BENNIE MOTEN’S K.C. ORCHESTRA. Just Rite. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 42924-1 E+ Great sound!! SMB £25

165           Won’t You Be My Baby/Somebody Stole My Gal. Vic 23028 V++ plays better. Jimmy Rushing vcl s1

166           Oh! Eddie/ WASHBOARD RHYTHM KINGS. Pepper Steak. Vic 22958 V++ plays better. Uncommon! SMB £25

167 PHIL NAPOLEON & HIS ORCH. Take Your Finger Out Of Your Mouth. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 38313-4 Rejected take, Unissued in any form! SMB £40

168 OLIVER NAYLOR’S ORCHESTRA. Slowin’ Down Blues/n.i. HMV B2079 E- ef 0gvs s1, lbl tr s1. Rare, Red Hot  and Unissued in USA! SMB £25

169 NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS. She’s Crying For Me/Everybdy Loves Somebody Blues. BB B10956 + Alternate takes to Victor, N.O. 1925

170 RED NICHOLS & HIS 5 PENNIES. Who’s Sorry Now? 1/s Shellac Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB7529-1 E+

171 KING OLIVER & HIS DIXIE SYNCOPATORS. Sobbin’ Blues/Farewell Blues. BrE 3727 E Fine copy of 1928 British pressing!

172           Got Everything/ 4 or 5 Times. Br 4028 E-

173           ORCHESTRA. Sweet Like This/I Want U Just Myself. Vic V38101 E-

174           St. James Infirmary/When You’re Smiling. Vic 22298 E-

175 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JASS BAND. At The Jass Band Ball/Barnyard Blues. Ae Voc 1205 EE-  Brian Rust’s old copy - hard to find in any condition, let alone this clean!! SMB £75

176 ORIGINAL MEMPHIS FIVE. Struttin’ Jim/ DON PARKER’S WESTERN MEL BOYS. Wild Papa. Per 14155 E- 2 hot ones!

177           How Come U Do Me Like U Do/Lovey Lee. BrE 3713 E Great 1927 eletcric recordings

178 ORIOLE ORCHESTRA. I Need Some Pettin’/The Little Old Clock On The Mantel. Br 2637 EE- Surprisingly hot side 1, one of Bix’s favourites!

179 TINY PARHAM & HIS MUSICIANS. Jungle Crawl/ Black Cat Moan. (Buff) BB B5146 EE- Orig Sleeve. Masters!

180           Blue Island Blues/ BOOTS & HIS BUDDIES. San Antonio Tamales. (Buff) BB B7005 E+ Masters!

181 LOUIS PRIMA & HIS ORCH. The Lady In Red.  1/s Shellac Decca/Brunswick Master Test Pressing of mx B17612-1 E+ Pee Wee Russell clarinet

182 JACK PURVIS (Trumpet solos). Copyin’ Louis/ Memtal Strain At Dawn. OK 41404 E- stress lams s2 nap, lbl tr s2.

183 DON REDMAN & HIS ORCH. How’m I Doin’ Hey Hey/ Try Getting A Good Night’s Sleep. Br 6273 E-

184 DICK ROBERTSON & HIS ORCH. Bull Fiddle Blues/West Bound Freight. Pan 25259 E Hot and uncommon

185 ADRIAN ROLLINI & HIS ORCH. Butterfingers/A Thousand Good Nights. (Gold) Voc 2672 V+ Berigan, Goodman etc.

186           Savage Serenade/ Swet Madness. Per 15839 EE- lt scfs Berigan, Goodman

187           Sitting On A Back Yard Fence/ Savage Serenade. DE F3827 E+ lbl tr s1

188 LUIS RUSSELL & HIS ORCH. Jersey Lightning/ FLETCHER HENDERSON ORCH. Comin’ & Goin’. Columbia Shellac Test Pressing of mxs 402940-B/ 151444-1 E+ Superb sound! SMB £25

189           New Call of the Freaks/ HARLAN LATIMORE ORCH. Chant of the Weed. Columbia Shellac Test Pressing of mxs 402398-C/152217-2 E+  SMB £25

Another great-sounding test!

190 HELEN SAVAGE & THE DIXIE SYNCOPATORS. It’s Bad For Your Soul/ Just A Little Luv From You. Br 4536 E+ 2 great 1929 Chicago sides with Omer Simeon, Shirley Clay etc! SMB £50

191 BEN SELVIN & HIS ORCH. Do Ya Love Me? 1/s Styrene Master Test Pressing of Col/OK mx 495011-1 N- Non-vocal take with Benny Goodman. SMB £25

192           Thank Your Father/ Good For You - Bad For Me. Col 2129-D E+ Fine hot side 1 - T&J Dorsey, Stan King kazoo solos!

193 BOYS SENTER & HIS SENTERPEDES. Goin’ Back To Tennessee/ Wabash Blues. Vic 21864 E

194 SIX HAYSEEDS (Reser’s Six Jumping Jacks). Charleston Ball/ The Village Blacksmith Owns the Village. Voc 15244 E rough unfinished edges on this rare issue - I wonder if this actually saw release?

195 SNOOKS & HIS MEMPHIS RAMBLERS. The Cutest Kid in Town/Kissable Baby. Vic 22813 EE- Fine tpt ts solos s1!

196 EDDIE SOUTH’S ALABAMIANS. La Rosita. 1/s Styrene Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 40997-1 N- Unissued on 78! SMB £25

197 THE SOUTHLAND SIX (OM5 group). Runnin’ Wild/Ivy. Voc 14476 E-

198 REB SPIKES MAJORS & MINORS. Fight That Thing/ My Mammy’s Blues. Col 1193-D EE- plays E. Great 1927 West Coast Black Big Band Jazz! SMB £50

199 REX STEWART & HIS ORCH. Mobile Bay. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 053609-2 N- This take only issued on LP/CD! SMB £40

200           Mobile Bay. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 053609-1 N- SMB £25

201 SAMMY STEWART & HIS ORCH. Copenhagen/ FLETCHER HENDERSON ORCH. Prince of Wails. Pur 11359/11367 V+ ‘mule’ coupling!

202 CHARLIE STRAIGHT & HIS ORCH. That’s What I Call Keen/ Persian Rug. BrE 3769 E+ Fine hot side 1, solos

203 IRENE TAYLOR & JACK GARDNER’S ORCH. I Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout You/I Did Wanta But I Don’t Wanta Now. OK 40527 V+ Very rare Dallas 1925 sides!

204 MONTANA TAYLOR. Montana’s Blues/Rotten Break Blues. Cir J1015 E

205 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCH. There’ll Come A Time.  1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OKeh mx 400003-B N- Amazing sound quality! SMB £25

206           I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music. 1/s Vinyl Decca/Br  Master Test Pressing of mx 18630-1 E+ Teagarden!

207 Withdrawn

208 JOE VENUTI’ BLUE FOUR. Really Blue. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 64301-1 N- Stunning sound!

209 FATS WALLER (Organ solo). The Digah’s Stomp. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 40093-1 N- Unissued on 78! SMB £40

210           (Piano solos). My Feelings Are Hurt/ Smashing Thirds. Vic V38613 E Rare! SMB £25

211           Handful of Keys/Numb Fumblin’. Vic V38508 E-

212 WASHBOARD RHYTHM KINGS. Tiger Rag. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 72694-1 N- Great to hear without the usual wear and distortion! SMB £25

213           My Silent Love. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 72693-1 N- SMB £25

214 PAUL WHITEMAN & HIS ORCH. The Rhythm Rag/Tired of Everything But U. Vic 19773 E+ Hot!!

215           From Monday On. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 41689-4 E+ Second Master, Bix! SMB £25

216           Dardanella. 1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 41683-2 E+ Second Master, Bix! SMB £25

217 CLARENCE WILLIAMS (Piano Solos). Gravier Street Blues/My Own Blues. OK 40172 EE+ Great copy! SMB £25

218 CLARENCE WILLIAMS’ STOMPERS. Dinah/MELODY SHEIKS. Moonlight & Roses. Lindstrom A4337 EE+ Rare 1927 German issue! SMB £35

219           WASHBOARD BAND. Lazy Mama/In Our Cottage of Love. Vic V38063 EE+ Rare and fine 1929 sides! SMB £50

220           Papa De Da Da. 11” 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OKeh mx 404547-B E+ SMB £25

221           JUG BAND. You Ain’t Too Old/ Organ Grinder. (Royal Blue wax) Col 2863-D E edge stress lams nap. 2 great sides! SMB £25

222 COOTIE WILLIAMS RUG CUTTERS. Night Song/ Black Beauty. Voc 4958 E+

223 FESS WILLIAMS ROYAL FLUSH ORCH. Do Shuffle/LEO REISMAN O. Can’t We Be Friends. Electrola EG1525 EE- Rare German issue! SMB £25


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